A long time ago. Long time silence.
After taking a break, graduating from school (finally!), a first project in the work field and in these stranger times, I decided to write again.

In recent years my need to create every day, yes every day, kept up with me. Unfortunately, my old name and website Cinomon is taken by a business in air conditioners. No joke.

To be honest the name was already taken on Instagram as well. After some periods of thinking, I decided to change it to Cineaumon. The name summaries all my four names, which I’m not sharing, because of privacy.

English & Dutch
My old blog was mostly written in English, which I want to resume because I have some international contacts. That doesn’t mean I won’t write in Dutch. I actually will because in the recent years I start seeing the beauty of this language.

Long story short
I’m back. I will write in English & Dutch. I decided to launch this site in one of the most strange times because I think conversations no matter what kind of form, way or medium are important right now.

Till the next,


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